Merlin Digital invents heat-beating device Dubai: Merlin Digital is all set to launch a product that we hope will be a life-line during the scorching hot summers that have become synonymous with the region. Merlin Digital has come out with an innovative new product, the Solar Sun-Shade, a car reflector that has two rotating fans attached to the front. The fans are powered by solar energy and serve the purpose of driving out hot air from inside the vehicle through cross ventilation. Most car reflectors serve the purpose of reflecting sunlight from the front of the car, but sunlight, and essentially heat, still gets trapped inside your vehicle owing to your rolled up windows, slowly and gradually building up heat till the temperature is at an unbearable level.

By developing a system where the heat that manages to make its way inside your vehicle is expelled Merlin Digital has created a product that is exceptionally efficient at reducing the internal temperature of your car. Any resident of this region knows that we need all the help we can get in beating the merciless heat of Dubai! However, this is not the most exciting part of our latest update. What is even more incredible is that the Solar Sun Shade is a completely original product that Merlin Digital has complete patents for. When ingenuity and innovation come together you get practical magic.