Another feather in the cap for Merlin Merlin Digital. Voted most innovative exhibitor. Our virtual reality glasses knocked the socks of all brands. — at Bombay Convention & Exhibition Centre.


Merlin Doing the 360 Panoramic on Mumbai grounds,its the beginning of 360 degree view for the events to come

Merlin shoots the 360 panoramic in Mumbai @ JRM Grounds- Performed by Benny Dayal. Powered by NMIMS,MAGMA, PARAGANA,VH1,AIRTEL,MERLIN,SUNCITY,ROXY

Drag your mouse around the video to look around - the video is recorded using a special technology that gives a complete 360 degree view

It is even more impressive to view such a video using the Merlin Immersiv 3D adaptor or Cardboard VR kit