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Bionic Bird - Avitron

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Bionic Bird - Avitron

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Who hasn't dreamt of being a bird
drawing curved trajectories in the sky to their heart's content, gliding majestically, silently and effortlessly above everything as if suspended in a moment of eternity?



Experience at your fingertips the magic of flying using the latest uncompromising technology. Put away your video consoles and noisy helicopters and come and interact with nature on its home territory.

The Technology:

Fitting all the working components into this life-sized bird's body (8 cm x 2 cm inner diameter) meant leaving all the standard methods behind and starting from a revolutionary design:

• Ultra-compact structure, a centrally aligned "vertebral column".

• Mecanics, a proprietary patented speed reducer at the end of the motor enables the usual extensive train of gears to be avoided and a tenfold reduction in the space required.
• Electronics, for optimising the number and layout of components and producing a postage stamp-sized board! As well as using a manufacturing process with tolerance levels worthy of watch-making.

A bird is not an aeroplane and does not use the same principles to get around. After watching how real birds perform, we developed and patented a control system that uses wing bending, enabling fast and instantaneous manoeuvres that are not possible with a classical drift system. It's thanks to this system, coupled with its adjustable tail effect, that you can even fly it around your sitting room! Outdoors, the amazing range of the radio control (100 m) with its laboratory optimized aerial lets you follow the birds into the clouds.

The advanced Avitron bionic bird

Designed using the latest scientific ornithopter technology to flap the wings at up to seventeen times a second, the Avitron represents a significant development from the original De Ruymbeke rubber powered mechanical Tim birds, that still remain a firm family favourite after forty years.

Weighing only eight grams with a wingspan of thirty three centimetres, the Avitron incorporates a powerful electric motor capable of over fifty thousand revolutions a minute, with an integral aluminium heat sink and a patented ultra light compact gearbox providing precise power control.

Adjust the tail angle for fast or slow flight characteristics, indoors or outside, whilst the low wing loading facilitates an impressive glide.

The lithium polymer battery provides up to six minutes of consecutive flying time covering an overall distance of one mile, yet may be fast charged in only twelve minutes, plugging directly into the transmitter without any fragile wires. The pre-installed two channel radio control system operates on the model enthusiast's preferred 2.4GHz frequency, providing an impressive range of one hundred metres, whilst allowing up to six Avitron's to be operated at the same time. As each bird automatically synchronises with its own transmitter, an individually coloured LED light will confirm a correct match.

Beautifully packaged in a customised carrying case, that may be conveniently used for storage between flying sessions.

We have selected the system that works best in the field of modern top-of-the-range radio control, WiFi (2.4 GHz), even though at first sight it is bulkier and more complicated to develop than the normal infra red type or 27 MHz systems. The reason? To "eliminate" the problem of cutting out and the ludicrously short range of the systems mentioned above, once and for all. To use WiFi's ability to synchronise the bird and its radio control automatically and so be able to play with several at once in the same place, without requiring a separate "processor". At the very heart of this technology, we have selected top-of-the-range American processors which allow the required range to be reached and provide some advanced functions you will discover when using your Avitron.

Additional Information

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In Depth • Ultra-light weight 8.35g
• Precise throttle control (128 steps)
• Adjustable tail angle for slow or high speed flight
• sharp & immediate directional control for aerial stunts
• Protection against motor heating and battery damage
• Up to 6 min. flight in a single charge
• Flies up to 1 mile in a single flight
• Turbo charge system:12 min
• 75 charges with one set of batteries
• On-board Lithium Polymer battery included
• Controller auto power-off
• Multi frequency: up to 6 players
• Wi-Fi 2.4 Ghz connection with auto-detection
Dimensions 310x170x13 mm
Weight 8.35 g

Bionic Bird - Avitron FAQ

The device is not turning ON?
- Please fully charge the device and the controller before using

The Avitron is getting unresponsive?
- The Avitron could be going beyond recommended range or the battery of the controller is getting low

The Avitron doesn't fly pretty well?
- Please check if the wings are still intact and doesn't have holes on it
- Or better visit our Service Center for general check-up

Where is the best place to use the device?
- For unexperienced user, we suggest you to use the device in an open area to avoid unwanted damages on the device


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