6-IN-1 DIY Educational Solar Robot Kit

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Friendly Entry-Level Solar Robot for Every Child!

Give the budding engineer in your family something to fuel his or her imagination with this cool green-powered toy! This 6-in-1 DIY solar robot building kit teaches children the benefits of solar energy while they create a toy that is both fun to play and requires absolutely no batteries. An excellent beginner building kit, designed to teach how solar power can be used as an alternative source of energy, children can use the 40 different parts to build six different working robot models, all without the use of any tools. We believe every child has the potential to be a great inventor!




  • Build 6 Different Robot Models Mix and explore to create six different robots
  • Great DIY Assembling Toy for Kids Helps them learn the benefits of solar energy while having fun
  • Engaging & Creative Unleash your child’s imagination and inner creativity
  • Simple Assembly Easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions
  • Fun Learning for All Ages For first-time experimenters with little or no experience
  • Great Learning Tool Teach your kids the basic concepts behind alternative energy



Magical Fact


Archytas of Tarentum, a pal of Plato’s, built a mechanical bird driven by a jet of steam or compressed air—arguably history’s first robot—in the fifth century B.C. However, the first time robots were mentioned was when Leonardo da Vinci referenced and sketched ‘mechanical knights’ in 1945. NASA has since created his robot.



This kit enlightens your kids in the utilization of the available energy and to learn about the environment benefits of renewable energy. Your kids can create 6 different models easily without using any external tools.



Solar power is completely environmental friendly. It does not produce any byproducts such as carbon dioxide. This solar kit will work best under direct sunlight which is available in abundance and practically free.



Let your child explore the power of solar energy without being exposed to any environmental pollutant. The kit is reusable with everyday material to create fun functional toy


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Material : ABS+Electronic Component
Solar Panel Life : 3-5 Years
Color : Blue + White
Power Source : Solar Panel
For Ages : 8 & Up
Dimensions Approx. 19.2 x 16.5 cm
Weight No

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  1. For the assembly of all the different toys in this product two items need to be assembled first. The Gearbox and the Solar Module.
  2. Start assembling the Gear Box by fitting the motor in its slot as per the figures given in the manual. The Gearbox will drive all your toy types.
  3. The Solar module provides power to the gearbox and makes the toy come alive.
  4. Place the adhesive pads on plastic module and then place the solar cell on to it.
  5. Feed the wires through the gap provided and remove the protective film that covers the solar cell.
  6. Remove the ends off of the wires from the solar module. While holding the wire and the stripped piece twist the stripped piece and gently pull it off. It should come off easily.
  7. After you have assembled the Gearbox and Solar Module, please read the instructions given in the manual for creating all different types of toys.