Wi-Fi N Repeater

Wi-Fi N Repeater

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More range for every WLAN network


The Merlin WiFi-n-Repeater is a wireless network device that allows you to expand your wireless router's range. It is designed for use at home and workplaces and is compatible with most routers. The WiFi-n-repeater may be connected wirelessly or with a standard Ethernet cable. 

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  •  Improve wireless coverage in all WLAN networks.
  •  Provides up to 300Mbps transmission rates.
  •  Support 2.4 GHz WLAN networks.
  •  Increased Wireless Coverage
  •  Add Additional Wired Connections
  •  Smart Security Features
  •  Simple Setup with Universal Compatibility
  •  Great for High Traffic Networks


The WIFI-N-Repeater is a great new device for extending the reach of your wireless network and eliminating black spots i.e areas where the signals of your router are not able to fully reach your pc and other such devices. Simply plug in the WIFI-n-repeater to any wall socket and then computers, game consoles, networked Blu-ray players, televisions and other networked devices can then connect to the Merlin Wi-Fi Repeater using Wi-Fi or a wired connection to access the extended network.


The WIFI-N-Repeater can be used to amplify the range of your wireless network to an astounding 100 metres. It provides wireless coverage in all WLAN networks and is suited to handle transmission rates of up to 300Mbps. 

The WIFI-N-Repeater is extrmemely simple to use, featuring a step bystep wizard to install it's interface on your PC. This device also has universal compatibility and can be used on any system. 

In Depth Color: White
Frequency range: 2.4-2.4835GHz
Wireless transmits power: 14 ~17 dBm (Typical)
Power supply unit: 100V-240V AC
Operating temperature: 0?~40? (32?~104?)
Storage temperature: -40?~70? (-40?~158?)
Relative humidity: 10% ~ 90% (Non Condensation)
Product dimensions: 11 x 6 x 7cm
Product weight: 98g
Networking cable: 1M
Dimensions 10 x 12 x 7cm
Weight 145 g