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Sound Booster

Magic and sound

The Merlin Sound Booster patent interaction technology magically amplifies the audio from the speakers in your Smartphone or digital music player. With its outstanding convenience, portability and compatibility, you won’t have to configure this miniature device before connecting it to virtually any device. Just plug and play!

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•Magically Amplifies Sound
•No Configuration Required
•Supported by most iOS and Android Devices


When the Merlin Sound Booster is in “Stand by” or “Power on” modes, simply place device in the correct orientation on top of the Merlin Sound Booster with the sound of music being played to activate the Merlin Sound Booster NearFA™ amplification


Massive sound

The Merlin Sound booster will exponentially amplify your device’s audio, by using its next-gen interaction technology. Its exceptional compatibility makes it wireless yet configuration free. Crafted with the latest technology, it’ll give you magically amplified sound from the moment you place your device over it. The sound on the device activates the Merlin Sound Booster NearFA amplification, which gives you exponentially amplified output instantly. Powerfully built with 2W x 2RMS, it’ll fill an entire room with magical sound.

The high performance 800mAh battery will give you an outstanding 15 hours of play time and a phenomenal 6 months of stand by time, while the small size and extremely low weight will give you exceptional portability. 


In Depth:
•Magically Amplifies Sound
•No Configuration Required
•Supported by most iOS and Android Devices
•Powerful Output of 2W x 2RMS

Dimensions: 67 x 124 x 37mm

Weight: 184g

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