Smartphone Projector

Smartphone Projector

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Turn any Smartphone into a Projector

Watch Movies, YouTube Clips and presentations from your Smartphone Directly in a large cinema quality display
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Any Smartphone that supports TV OUT like the Galaxy S2 or S3, Note, Motorola Razr, HTC One or any other can work with the Merlin Smartphone Projector. All your applications, games, presentations and movies (even YouTube) can now be projected to a large 100” screen.


Using DLP (Digital Light Processing) technology colors will ever look better. Enjoy Games and Movies in crisp 640x480 resolution at up to 100" size!


Watch Viral Videos with friends or enjoy a quite Cinema night at home - the possibilities are endless.


Built-in MHL technology as well as HDMI Input mean it can connect not just to any Smartphone but any DVD and Media Player or Gaming Device that has HDMI Output. Simply connect, play and enjoy your movies, YouTube clips and presentation. Or browse through the internet by projecting the content to the ceiling/wall etc. The internal battery can also be used to charge your Smartphone in emergency. Thus, the Merlin Smartphone Projector is not only an ultra-compact PICO projector, but also a powerful battery bank and the perfect add on for Smartphones.


In Depth Projection System: DLP
Brightness: 35 ANSI Lumens
Resolution: VGA (640x480 pixel)
Battery : Embedded 1850mAh - Li-Polymer battery
Power input/output : 5V--2A / 5V--500mA
Dimensions 132 x 71 x 14 mm
Weight 165g