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Security Solutions

Security Solutions

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  1. Wi-Fi IP Camera

    Wi-Fi IP Camera


    Peace of mind guaranteed

    With the Wi-Fi IP camera you can monitor your house or office in real-time and footage can be saved directly on your smart devices. The Wi-Fi IP Camera has a host of other features such as connectivity with alarm systems and notifications can be sent automatically through email. Video conferencing through the Wi-Fi IP Camera has never been easier or clearer. The display is a 3.5 inch HD display with built-in speakers and built-in mic. The screen quality ensures there is no color deviation between indoor or outdoor environments. 

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  2. Wi-Fi IP Camera Lite

    Wi-Fi IP Camera Lite


    Peace of Mind Guaranteed

    Merlin's Wi-Fi IP Camera Lite is a security cam that can also be used for video conferencing. Featuring a simple set-up procedure, the camera can be set up from your smartphone or tablet in a few minutes. The viewing lens can be panned horizontally and vertically all through your smart devices. Monitor your house or office in real-time and footage can be saved directly on your smart devices.

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  3. Wireless Doorbell Camera

    Wireless Doorbell Camera

    Wireless Doorbell Camera is your personal electronic doorman. It shows on your smartphone who’s at your door, captures the caller’s image & even records video with sound. The simple one touch lock/unlock feature on your free app allows you to open the door through your smartphone in seconds. Now you can open doors from the comfort of your couch without being dependent on the keys. Learn More
  4. DVR Security System

    DVR Security System


    Security at your Fingertips

    Not being at home for long periods of time is a nightmare for everyone. Merlin’s DVR Security. System helps alleviate that feeling with a simple touch.

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  5. CCTV 4 Camera Set

    CCTV 4 Camera Set


    Eyes on your World

    Looking after your loved ones when away from home is a click away with Merlin’s CCTV Camera Set.

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  6. E-Bike


    Pre-Order AED3,450.00

    Add thrill to your rides with e-bike, specially designed to provide you extra comfort while you are on your adventure. It is Equipped with excellent safety brakes and system to guard you from any unforeseen situation. Not only this portable e-bike can be folded into a small structure but also spares you from having to tire yourself out while tackling steep roads and allows you to get to work or anywhere else fresh. With front and rear disc brakes and adjustable speed system you can choose any speed to complete your journey, and perfect brakes fully protect your safety. And the bright LED headlamp and horn is equipped for night riding.

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