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Robostep by AI Dynamics

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Robostep by AI Dynamics

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Self Balancing Robotic Personal Transporter

Computers and motors in the base of the device keep the AI DYNAMICS ROBOSTEP upright when powered on with balancing enabled.


A user commands the Robostep to go forward by shifting his weight forward on the platform, and backward by shifting his weight backward.

The Robostep notices, as it balances, the change in its center of mass, and first establishes and then maintains a corresponding speed, forward or backward. Gyroscopic sensors and fluid-based leveling sensors are used to detect the shifting weight. To turn, the user manipulates the handlebar left or right.

The AI Dynamics Robostep are driven by electric motors and can go up to 12.5 miles per hour (20.1 kb/h).

A Golf Edition of the Robotstep is also available with removable latch that holds your Golf Bag and Clubs. Imagine going to the course from your House in the Robostep - and then using it to travel from hole to hole.

Balance indicator lamp: Lets you know about the Balance Computers

Status indicator lamp: Informs about battery life, heating and error messages

Controller: 2 Wireless Bluetooth Keys included Extend-retract rod:  To adjust the height of the RoboStep

Motor: Powerful motors on both right and left, driving you freely to any places

Control handle: For steering the controls left or right

Energy feedback system: energy-saving starts here

Tire: Vacuum tire-no aeration, safe and durable.

Lithium battery: Lithium battery with a high density provides durable power for you.
Balance control system: Sensors and Gyroscopes with Advanced Software and Artificial Intelligence

Zero emission & no pollution

The power source of the Robostep comes from lithium battery, making it convenient to charge by using standard household power supply. A single charge allows you to travel about 30-40km at the speed of 10km/h-20km/h , without any emission or any harm to the environment.

Low energy consumption

The Robostep has an extremely low cost----AED 0.03/km per person, 20 times less than the cost of a car with displacement 1.2L, which is AED 0.63/km per person. The Robostep also saves more energy than electric vehicles because its Mass is only about 18.5kg whereas the weight of a traditional electric vehicle is more than 1 ton, which leads to more energy consumption due to its dead weight.

High efficiency

Circular energy reserving system is another ingenious feature of the Robostep. By utilizing the control module of gravity, it can brake and stop by judging the center of gravity rather than configuring a traditional brake system based on friction. And as a result, during the process of deceleration, kinetic energy converts to electric energy being stored in the battery without losing any heat energy due to friction. In a word, there is no energy waste.

Ideal for Pedestrien friendly cities and communities

The RoboStep can be used anywhere you can use a bicycle - and in places where you can't. Due to it's zero degree turning radius it can navigate tight spaces with the same ease of doing it on foot. Which means you can use it in buildings elevators, metro trains all with ease.

Additional Information

In Depth Max cruise speed : 15km/h
Min turning radius : 0
Volume : 0.15cbm
Distance(after single charging): 30-40km
Charging time : 3hours
Max load : 120kg
Max climb capability : 15 degree
Battery : lithium,48v,8Ah
Lifetime of battery : 3 - 5 years
warranty : 1 year or 2000km
Full lifetime :>20000km
voltage : 100v-240v,for global use
Power : 1300watts
Dimensions 460x320x900 mm
Weight 18.5kg

Robostep By AI Dynamics FAQ

1) How long before learning to use Robostep?

Using Robostep is easy, it can be learned in approximately 10-20 minutes.

2) How does Robostep stop?

Robostep will stop once the rider shifts his weight backwards.
Continuesly shifting the weight backwards will make the Robostep go in reverse.

3) How long to Fully charge the Robostep?

When totally drained, minimum four hours is needed to fully charged the Robostep.

4) Will it fall when battery is low?

No, the Robostep has a safety system that it can't be used when it is low in battery.
If the Robostep is running when battery goes low, it will signal the user and slowly stop.  

5) Can it be used during a rain?

It is not advisable to use during rain.
Risk of wheels slipping and damage to the Robostep is high on wet condition.

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