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Looking for a safe and educational toy? Try Riding Intelligent Robot, RINGBO.

- Safest Ride-on (Sensor & Voice alert)
- Educational toy
- Easy Operation
- Indoor Ride-on


RINGBO is the first riding robot that enables the following features: since the front and rear sides of this product use an infrared rays sensor, it automatically stops when an obstacle appears to prevent collision with the obstacle and damage to furniture or indoor facilities. While it is difficult to enjoy traditional riding toys due to their wide rotation radiuses, RINGBO, using the individual left and right operation method, which is the patented technology of Air Robot, enables operation without a rotation radius (Zero Swing Radius: 360-degree rotation enabled at a standstill) to ensure free movement even in a small space or living area. This product allows 1 to 6-year old infants and children to ride in a living room or anywhere in the house. Most of the riding toys for outdoor use require a parent’s constant attention and care for safety reasons however, RINGBO allows the users to enjoy indoor play alone without constant supervision.

Considering that RINGBO is used by children, the product enables the following features: If the user takes off his or her foot from the pedal, it will automatically stop. This product operates only when the user sits on the product in a stable position and presses the pedal. This is to prevent accidents.


Instrument Board Sensor

Lamps on the instrument board indicate the operation status as power,

charging conditions, directions, and obstacle detection.


Ringbo's unique and advanced artificial intelligence function automatically detect

hurdles and obstacles. Automatic stop features help kid's injury and crash.

Removable Wheels

Soft material and high tech materials are deployed to avoid any harmless

and damages. Ringbo also equiped with wheels for stability. The front

wheel enables Ringbo to rotate 360 degree at a standstill and allowing

riders the freedom to enjoy accebility.

The product has an attractive modern design. RINGBO has an exterior with cutting-edge image and simple, adorable design. (The design has been registered.)

RINGBO is an intelligent riding robot that notifies the user of its operational status: charging, needs recharging, obstacle detection, stopping, and it also speaks English.

1. Sensors keep your child from bumping into something - If you were ever worried about your child on a ride-on, this is the right one you want. RINGBO has sensors in front and back that keep your child from bumping into something. When RINGBO gets close to an obstacle, it automatically stop and warns your child out loud to "Watch Out!"

2. Pedal and joystick help your child play safe and easy - To operate RINGBO, the pedal and joystick have to be operated at the same time. For safety issue, RINGBO starts its movement when your kid is ready to move. stepping on the pedal and holding the joystick tightly. Different from typical handles, joystick is easy to operate. Children can easily learn to use RINGBO and enjoy it in a short period of time.

3. RINGBO is talking Ride-on Toy - RINGBO can be a friend of your child. It keeps on communicating with your child while operating. Stepping on the Pedal, it says, "Here we go!". Pressing left and right button, it says, "Let's have fun!" and "Excuse me, You are in the way!". When power is on, it says, "Are you ready?". When sensor is on, "Sensor's on, I will be with you!". When sensor is off, "Sensor's off, Please drive safely". So watch your child ride and talk with RINGBO.

Additional Information

In Depth Time Required for Charging : 6 to 8 hours (Battery for Charging: 12V 4Ah)
Operation Duration : About one and half hours when fully charged
Maximum Speed : 2 to 2.5 km/h
Size : W440 × L598 × H593
Weight : 8.5kg
Allowable Load : 30kg
Color : White and Black (Chair)
Users : 1 to 6-year olds
Materials : PP, PE, ABS
Dimensions 28.3" x 22" x 21.6"
Weight 8.5 kg

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