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Each of us would prefer to watch a movie on the big screen. In this case, projectors, especially Pocket Projectors will make a good job. They have obvious advantages over television. Provided image is clear and of high quality. In addition, projectors will be cheaper than wide screen TV. Ultra-portable projectors and pocket projectors models by Merlin Digital have the ability to display documents and presentations.

Compact portable projectors with wireless Wi-Fi connection can project an image from any smartphone, tablet or laptop running Mac OS, Windows, Android or iOS.

The ultra-projectors are small enough to fit in the palm, pocket or briefcase.

Before buying such device as a projector, you need to decide on the basic functions it will perform, and the technical characteristics of the projector. If you need a projector for home, you can choose a simple model, but if the work, with plenty of features, you can choose the "top" model.

Pocket projector and Wifi pocket projector or even a 3D projector you can buy online at Merlin Digital online shop.

Merlin Pocket Projectors with Wi-Fi can also be a standalone player. Simply insert the MicroSD memory card into the appropriate slot and the projector can reproduce almost all popular video and audio formats.

Today Merlin digital pico projectors, LED projectors and 3D projectors confidently occupy a niche in the market. Buying video equipment, remember that even the ancients knew the simple truth: It is better to see once!