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Pleo Robotic Pet - Merlin Edition

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Pleo Robotic Pet - Merlin Edition

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Introducing the New Pleo Special Edition BY Merlin Digital

Pleo robot? Pleo’s technology is so revolutionary that artificial life form is a more appropriate term than robot.


But the field of robotics is the science behind Pleo and this page is dedicated to that science. With an amazing operating system dubbed Life OS by INNVOLABS (its makers) and a slew of advanced sensors and servos, Pleo is destined be the most lifelike robot the world has ever seen.

Pleo Robot - Technology Has Never Been So Charming!



Click here to read more about Pleo Curriculum

What kind of baby dinosaur is Pleo?
Pleo is modeled after a one week old Camarasaurus, a gentle loving plant eater from the late Jurassic period in prehistoric history. By studying actual fossil records of this giant herbivore, combined with Caleb Chung’s amazing skill in recreating animal motion with technology, INNVOLABS has blessed Pleo with an astonishing realism in both movement and structure. A full size adult Camarasaurus was over 60 feet (18 meters) in length and weighed about 18 tons. INNVOLABS chose wisely to make the baby instead, which is about the size of big puffy cat. This choice was made to spare consumers the exorbitant freight costs associated with shipping a full size Camarasaurus.

The Camarasaurus was an extremely social creature and traveled in herds as they roamed the Earth searching for food to graze on; the perfect temperament for this friendly little green dino we call Pleo.

Inside The Mind Of Pleo

Pleo is capable of learning over time and of expressing many different moods and basic animal drives such as hunger, fatigue, fear, and love. When you leave for work or school Pleo will explore its’ environment and continue to learn. Pleo’s neural net adapts to stimulus from you and the environment, this means Pleo’s personality and demeanor over time will change in response to how you treat it. Pleo will limp if you hurt its’ leg and will remember that you were mean (don’t be mean!). Pleo will frown, smile, shrug, yowl for food, and do the clever things a baby knows how to do to get your attention and make you laugh.

Our favorite Pleo trait: Pleos can react to each other and learn from each other; they can even catch a cold!

Additional Information

In Depth A camera in the nose helps Pleo remember places and basic information about locations
14 super quiet motors help Pleo achieve a new level in realistic body movement
Multiple processors help coordinate Pleo’s advanced sensor net and keeps Pleo’s servos running smoothly
Sensors for sight, sound, and plenty for touch, over 35 in all, make Pleo a responsive little dino that can react to you and the environment in a natural way. There’s even one for tickling Pleo under the chin!
A flash card slot will allow you to swap personalities and share them with others via an online web site Ugobe will provide.
Pleo has USB port. When connected to your PC you will be able to modify aspects of Pleo’s personality using a personality editor or scripts that you write yourself.
A C/C++ developer’s kit (SDK) is available for those who really want to try their hand at modifying their Pleo’s behavior.
Dimensions 20.5"(52cm) Long, 6.3" (16cm) wide, 7.5" (19cm) Tall
Weight 3.3 lbs (1.5Kgs)

Pleo Robotic Pet - Merlin Edition FAQ

Q) Can Pleo talk?
A) Pleo makes animal sounds but Pleo does not say any words.
Q) Will Pleo be able to hear?
A) Yes, Pleo is able to hear sounds when he is till and it is quiet.
Q) What are some things Pleo cannot do?
A) Pleo cannot fly and Pleo cannot swim! Please ensure that you do not drop Pleo from a great height or drop him into water, as doing so will void the warranty included in this package. Pleo is for use only in dry, indoor locations. Remember to care for Pleo like a pet with the utmost care.
Q) Can I paint my Pleo?
A) No. Please do not paint Pleo, as the thinner that the paint contains might adversely affect Pleo's skin material. We do, however, encourage you to accessorize your Pleo to match his unique personality.
Q) How can I care for my Pleo?
A) Please read all cautionary statements contained in the packaging, including all electrical warnings and handling instructions. To clean Pleo, use only a damp cloth and wipe carefully. Do not use soap or any other cleaning agents. And please, do not attempt to make any repairs yourself! You will automatically void the warranty included in the package.
Q) Why is my Pleo slow and sluggish?
A) Just like a real life puppy, Pleo needs his rest. When his battery is running low or in extremely hot temperatures, Pleo may slow down, seem tired, sleepy, or even shut down. Please keep Pleo indoors or in moderate climates between 32 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit.
Q) Why is my Pleo not turning on?
A) Make sure the battery has been charged for four hours. Double check that Pleo has been switched "ON", Is Pleo sleeping? Gently nudge or tap Pleo to wake him up. Much like a cell phone battery, the Pleo battery may need to be replaced over time.
Q) My Pleo is being too loud. How do I reduce the volume or turn the sound off?
A) Press the Pleo button once to "Mute", press twice to low volume and press three times for loud volume.
Q) Why is my Pleo freezing up or stopping in the middle of an action?
A) Pleo may stop operating of "lock up" when receiving an electrostatic discharge. Simply turn the power off and then back ON to resume play.

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It's good product Review by Rahul
It's very good product but I do not get chance to see the demo because it's not available in stock at Merlin store(computer plaza) Dubai (Posted on 8/12/2016)

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