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Pleo RB

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Pleo RB

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PLEO evolves and has been reborn as PLEO rb!

Our Scientists have discovered the missing links in the DNA of the first generation PLEO which enabled us to alter the next generation PLEO rb on the basic genetic level allowing us to create many exciting new abilities.

We’re thrilled to announce everyone’s favorite life-form can now live forever!

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In addition, we configured the PLEO rb to be much more inquisitive, active and vivacious and can’t wait to share its new capabilities with you. “BORN IN” CHARACTERISTICS & “AFTER BORN” ATTRIBUTES

PLEO rb has evolved to include a “BORN-IN” character and giving each PLEO rb unique qualities, the “BORN IN” characteristics are:- 

• Gender
• Courage
• Temper
• Activeness
• Obedience

In addition, five distinct “AFTER BORN” attributes have been built into the AI system and these 5 attributes are:-

• Feed
• Mood
• Emotion
• Health
• Physicality



PLEO rb “dreams” during daytime. The day dreaming motions such as low snoring, shaking and minor body movements are very cute!


PLEO rb has more energy than before!
It is now equipped with a higher capacity Li polymer battery which will extend the activity time.


PLEO rb has over thousand unique looks. There are various shades green and yellow skin and various colors of eyes and eyelids so it’s not easy to find two alike!


PLEO rb has a sensation of time from an internal clock inside it's artificial intelligent (AI) system.
It is able to recognize day or night after you tell it once when it’s noon your time.
Pleo rb knows when it’s time to sleep or eat and isn’t shy about telling either.


PLEO rb has more animations and sounds added to its new AI system.
The animations will be determined by the AI system according to DNA characteristics and the current attributes resulted from its interactions with its master and environment!


PLEO rb has better eyesight, which enables it to recognize yellow red green training leaf. 

PLEO rb is prone to search and move its head towards the PLEO rb training leaf within the range of its eyesight. 

In addition, PLEO rb can sense the danger of a table’s edge or cliff and will generally walk away.
PLEO rb would be able to read special PLEO rb Birthday and Christmas Cards. PLEO rb will response after it sees these cards!


PLEO rb has better skin sensation to differentiate between petting and hitting.
PLEO rb demonstrates awareness of the presence of other PLEO rb dinosaurs.
It is able to recognize the gender of other PLEO rb with direct eye contact.


PLEO rb knows if you swing it around. It also exhibits response to shaking, petting, or impact.
Motion and position interactions have positive or negative effects on PLEO rb’s overall demeanor.


PLEO rb also has a sensation to temperature resulting in different responses such as sneezing or shaking when cold and panting or getting dizzy when hot!


PLEO rb includes a more complex system of emotional responses designed to enhance the interactive learning capability and parental bond. Several specific “LEARNING STONES” enable the owner to teach PLEO rb some verbal commands such as to eat, dance, come etc. Also the PLEO rb ID card enables the owner to teach PLEO rb to learn and remember its name – it’s so much more interactive!

Additional Information

In Depth FEEDS
It is always fun and enjoyable moment to feed your living pets!
Now you may feed PLEO rb with several distinct PLEO rb “FEEDS” designed to nurture, feed, heal, reward or even soothe.
Pleo rb has the ability to sense and identify the FEEDS and would response differently.
Dimensions الطول (52 سم) 20.5 إنش، العرض (16 سم) 6.3 إنش، الطول (19 سم) 7.5 إنش

Weight 4.25 kg


Q) What makes PLEO rb special?
A) At the heart of PLEO RB's is a new PLEO RB Life OS™, the operating system software that enables. PLEO RB to act independently and will evolve Pleo's personality according to his interactions with you and the environment. PLEO RB evolved and is now an autonomous creature with a complex software architecture that enables it to. Learn and understand your verbal commands, Express moods and emotions. React to various kinds of PLEO RB foods and food stuffs. Know your time, day and night. Sense hot and cold; could get sick. Better skin sensation. Better sense of orientation and motion. Respond to you and the environment. PLEO RB has been reborn with the abilities to learn, to be responsive and to interact with it's environment and you!
Q) Can I play with PLEO RB immediately after purchase?
A) No, you must first make sure that PLEO rb's rechargeable battery is fully charged. Place the battery in the charger, attach the AC adapter jack to the charger, and plug the AC adapter into an electrical outlet. Let the battery charge for around four hours until the indicator light turns green. Then insert the clock button cell into the clock battery compartment which is located at the bottom of it's rear right foot. After you inserted the fully charged battery into PLEO RB and turn it on, you may then set the clock of PLEO RB to your time with the "NOON" button as instructed in the companion guide. While you wait, visit to learn more about PLEO RB before you wake it up and let it started to "hatch" into the World for the first time.
Q) Will PLEO RB be able to hear?
A) Yes, PLEO RB will be able to hear. In a quiet environment, PLEO RB can hear sounds and know where is the sound comes from (left or right). Also after training, PLEO RB will recognize your verbal commands. PLEO RB can be trained to listen and memorize your verbal commands with the PLEO RB Learning Stones.
Q) Will PLEO RB be able to see?
A) Yes, with proper lighting, PLEO RB is able to detect obstacles , edges of table and stair in its path. PLEO RB is able to read special PLEO RB Birthday and Christmas cards and make response! PLEO RB could also recognize yellow red green training leaf, PLEO RB would search and move its head towards the training leaf within the range of its eyesight.
Q) Why is my PLEO RB slow or sluggish?
A) Just like a real pet, PLEO RB needs its rest. When PLEO RB’s battery is running low or in extremely hot temperatures, PLEO RB may slow down, seem tired, sleepy or even shut down. Please keep PLEO RB indoors or in moderate climates between 50°F (10°C) to 104°F (40°C).
Q) How long the clock battery could last for ?
A) The clock battery will last approximately 3 years, please replace the used battery with new one if you find your PLEO RB getting confused with the time a day.
Q) Why is my PLEO RB freezing up or stopping in the middle of an action?
A) PLEO RB may stop operating or “lock up” when receiving an electro static discharge. Simply turn the power OFF and then back ON to resume play.
Q) Why is my PLEO RB not turning “ON”?
A) Make sure the battery has been charged for four hours. Make sure the clock battery has been installed. Make sure you have set the "NOON" button at your noon time. Double check the “Power ON” indicator to make sure that PLEO RB has been switched on properly. In the daytime, check to see if PLEO RB is resting by gently nudging or tapping PLEO RB to wake it up. In the nighttime, check to see if PLEO RB is sleeping by pressing the power ON button to wake him/her up (during the night, it will fall asleep again very quickly). Much like a cell phone battery, the PLEO RB battery may eventually need to be replaced.
Q) How do I adjust or mute the voice volume of Pleo RB?
A) Power “ON” PLEO RB, then press the “ON/OFF” button once to “Mute,” a second time for “Soft Volume” and a third time for “Normal Volume.”
Q) Why don't Pleo batteries last as long as those for a laptop or other gadget?
A) Pleo's battery life - roughly between an hour and 90 minutes depending on your level of active play - is quite a feat for a robot of his complexity. Why not longer? There is an engineering Trade Off between expressiveness/lifelikeness and number of motors required. PLEO RB includes 14 motors, and your laptop, cellphone and other cool gadgets probably contain zero...although if you have a walking, honking, animatronic laptop...we want to see it!
Q) How can I get an extra charger and adapter?
A) Visit online store or Customer Service Center to purchase these items.
Q) Does PLEO RB have a manufacturer's warranty?
A) Yes, we provide 1 year warranty from the date of purchase. If there is a problem with your PLEO RB please contact Merlin Customer Service Center for more information on filing a warranty claim. You will need your original purchase receipt.

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