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Office Massage Chair

Heals while you work.

The Merlin office chair premium will make sure that your work space transforms in a completely different environment of stress-free relaxation. Its ergonomic design will take care of your comfort for hours, while its inbuilt back, waist and neck massagers will keep your sitting related aches and pains away.

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The Merlin Office Chair Premium is specifically designed for office use, keeping in mind the work related environment and the fatigue that results from it. It is a panacea to all the fatigue and stress related problems caused by long working hours in the office. It’ll help you in doing away with all your body pains through its airbags massage, alleviating fatigue, pressure and stress, so that you can stay fresh at work. The back airbags will keep your kidney revitalized, thus helping your blood circulation in relieving tiredness. It also activates your acupuncture points with its seat cushion to further relive stress.

The Office Massage Chair premium not only take cares of your back, but your shoulders, ears and neck too. The airbag massagers on the shoulders imitate human fingers and knead, stretch and tap your muscles to give you a massage that feels like the real thing.


In Depth:
1. Waist airbag massage(4airbags)
2. Seat cushion airbag massage(1airbag), and vibration massage
3. Backrest recline to 160°。
4. The gas bar with BIFMA certificate, adjustable height 85mm
5. PU and high fiber fabric cover are optional

Shipping Details and Specifications:
Net weight / Gross Weight : 12Kg / 15 Kg
Carton Size: L64 x W40 x H50 cm

Dimensions: L64 x W40 x H50 cm

Weight: 12 Kg

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