Merlin Digital is a diversified technology marketer with operations in Singapore, Ukraine, Australia and South Africa with the group HQ in Shk Zayed Road, Dubai and has been ranked at 20 in the Dubai SME 100 rankings.

Merlin products are known for the uniqueness, innovation and sheer appeal. The brand is sold through some of the most reputed retail chains and also four of own outlets including one at Sharjah City Center, and Suntec City in Singapore.

We are also seeking franchisees who would like to operate a Merlin branded gadget store.



We're thrilled to announce everyone's favorite life-form can now live forever! Pleo RB (reborn) the new advanced version of the original Pleo will be showcased at our booth at Gitex Technology week. With new advanced features such as a sense of smell (RFID), day and night sensors as well as sensors for temperature, light and voice recognition make the Pleo RB the most advanced Artificial Life form.



Computers and motors in the base of the device keep the AI DYNAMICS ROBOSTEP upright when powered on with balancing enabled. Robostep is Self Balancing Robotic Light weight Human Transporter. See the Robostep personal transporter, AI Dynamics at Merlin stand (Concourse2 CC2-5B) GITEX 2012.



As big as you wish! Can have any combination of screens, from two-24.They can be tiled together as many rows wide & columns deep as wish. Screens 3x3 or 4x4.The overall size of the video wall will depend on the number and size of the screens, the brand of screen, and the width of the bezels. Screens can display FULL HD resolution & video wall can have embedded stereo speakers plus built-in storage memory. The screens can even be set up so that the wall is bent up to 40 degrees! Specially designed LCD or plasma screens are used, feat. a narrow or ultra-narrow bezel. The overall image is almost seamless.



Just Point the Merlin Pen Scanner at anything you want to scan and it will draw a laser generated box around it. Simply press the scan button once more and that’s it... Any business card, note, document or photo that you point at will be scanned instantly With Merlin's patented Laser Guide technology you can scan anything you want instantly - and then Transfer it via USB to PC, Tablet or any Laptop. With built-in 1GB memory and the added advantage of Voice Recording.



Easy to use - just plug it to any iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch Device. Project a 50" screen from practically any application installed on your device - including keynote for presentations, spreadsheets, websites from Safari as well as any photos and videos that you have on your device. Use it for presentations at work or enjoy a quite cinema night at home - the possibilities are endless. The built-in battery in the iProjector can also be used to charge your iPhone or iPad.