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Drag your mouse around the video to look around - the video is recorded using a special technology that gives a complete 360 degree view

It is even more impressive to view such a video using the Merlin Immersiv 3D adaptor or Cardboard VR kit



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Another feather in the cap for Merlin Merlin Digital. Voted most innovative exhibitor. Our virtual reality glasses knocked the socks of all brands. — at Bombay Convention & Exhibition Centre.


Merlin Doing the 360 Panoramic on Mumbai grounds,its the beginning of 360 degree view for the events to come

Merlin shoots the 360 panoramic in Mumbai @ JRM Grounds- Performed by Benny Dayal. Powered by NMIMS,MAGMA, PARAGANA,VH1,AIRTEL,MERLIN,SUNCITY,ROXY

Drag your mouse around the video to look around - the video is recorded using a special technology that gives a complete 360 degree view

It is even more impressive to view such a video using the Merlin Immersiv 3D adaptor or Cardboard VR kit



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360 Degree Video of our Gitex stand

Oct 21, 2014 10:11:00 AM

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Live an immersive experience: launch the video, hold the left click of the mouse and navigate at 360 degrees.

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Merlin at Gitex 2014

Oct 7, 2014 9:51:00 PM

This years Gitex promises to be better than ever with Merlin showcasing amazing new innovative products and servicesRead More
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Merlin Digital invents heat-beating device Dubai: Merlin Digital is all set to launch a product that we hope will be a life-line during the scorching hot summers that have become synonymous with the region. Merlin Digital has come out with an innovative new product, the Solar Sun-Shade, a car reflector that has two rotating fans attached to the front. The fans are powered by solar energy and serve the purpose of driving out hot air from inside the vehicle through cross ventilation. Most car reflectors serve the purpose of reflecting sunlight from the front of the car, but sunlight, and essentially heat, still gets trapped inside your vehicle owing to your rolled up windows, slowly and gradually building up heat till the temperature is at an unbearable level.

By developing a system where the heat that manages to make its way inside your vehicle is expelled Merlin Digital has created a product that is exceptionally efficient at reducing the internal temperature of your car. Any resident of this region knows that we need all the help we can get in beating the merciless heat of Dubai! However, this is not the most exciting part of our latest update. What is even more incredible is that the Solar Sun Shade is a completely original product that Merlin Digital has complete patents for. When ingenuity and innovation come together you get practical magic.

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Dubai: To achieve constant and consistent success it is important to stay motivated. This was the main prerogative why public speakers Brian Tracy and Jairek Robbins visited the Merlin Digital headquarters. Both are world renowned public speakers and their talks have helped thousands of people achieve their dreams. Brian Tracy is a business speaker who specializes in giving seminars about job performance and productivity.

While visiting the Merlin Digital head office Mr. Tracy spoke to upper management about effective methods that can be applied to get the most out of a company. His wisdom and suggestions were indeed valuable and it is hoped that he visits again very soon. Jairek Robbins is a motivational speaker who has been featured on leading network stations such as CNBC, has given talks to the United States Olympic team, as well as the United States Air Force among many others. While visiting the Merlin Digital headquarters Jairek spoke to the Merlin executive sales team about self-motivation and achieving targets, however, because of his magnetic personality pretty soon all of the departments were outside listening to him speak.

While there Jairek was shown a few Merlin products such as the Wifi Bulb and the Virtuoso Headphones, both products that he greatly appreciated and even gave suggestions on how to effectively market them, such as using the Wifi Bulb for color therapy. At Merlin Digital we are always striving to educate our team on how to achieve the most out of their day and career. Aside from being accomplished employees, it is much more important to be well-rounded human beings as a benefit to everyone involved.

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Merlin Digital readies wearables blitz

Dubai-based mobile device maker prepares to launch new smart devices


Dubai-based Merlin Digital, a manufacturer of lifestyle, gadgets and consumer electronics products, has revealed bold plans that will see it broaden its wearable technology offerings to channel partners and power retailers across the Middle East region.

Merlin has also revealed that it wants to raise brand awareness of all its product offerings at end-user level in the Middle East region.The company, which used the recently held DISTREE Middle East expo to showcase its smart watch phone range, holographic 3D displays and other consumer electronics gadgets, said attending the event reinforced the company's commitment to grow its array of wearable products to retailers and IT dealers in the region.

Rohit Bachani, co-founder of Merlin Digital, said the company has received a lot of inquiries from retailers wanting to resell its Merlin M70 Android Watch phone array. Bachani said the Merlin M70 is a dual band single SIM smart watch with Android 4.0 that allows users to make phone calls, text, check y mails and download their favourite apps through Google Play Store.

Bachani outlined that the company is preparing to launch a salvo of new lifestyle products, gadgets, wearables and other innovative consumer electronics that target the fastest growing segment in this sector. He added that backed by the Merlin Quality Assurance programme, warranty and support, the company has the right model to grow its footprint and appeal to end-users in the region.He explained that wearables in the lifestyle, health and wellness segments offers huge growth potential as products targeting these sectors are still in the nascent stages. "We see huge potential for growth in the wearables space especially with smart watch phones and other health and wellness smart devices," he said.

Bachani said having been in the consumer electronics and IT segment for 17 years now, has given Merlin industry know-how on how to address the various segments of the reseller base and power retailers. "Our aim with the new offerings we are bringing to market is to ensure that we have the best products augmented by excellent post-sales support," he said.

Bachani said the company is also looking at expanding its retailer base as currently it has presence in the sector through partners that include Virgin Mega Store, Emax, Plug-Ins, Sharaf DG and its own showrooms in Sharjah, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. "We have a shop-in-shop store at Dubai International Airport and also work with independent retailers in Qatar," he said.

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Merlin Now in MAURITIUS

Oct 30, 2013 6:44:10 PM

After UAE, GCC, Middle East, Australia, South Africa, Ukraine, Russia, Singapore
Now Merlin Magic comes to MAURITIUS

The range of Merlin's cutting edge technology products are now on display and sale at RICHE TERRE MALL in Mauritius

We at Merlin pride ourselves with constantly innovating with technology to come up with lifestyle products, gadgets and other wizardry that are at the leading edge. Our range of products spans some of the fastest growing segments in Consumer Electronics.


The Centre Commercial Riche Terre, recently renamed, Riche Terre Mall, was opened in 2003. The first shopping mall of its kind in the northern part of the island, it contributed not only in uplifting the fairly barren and industrial landscape of Riche Terre but also in bringing a whole new shopping experience to communities within its catchment area and beyond. In reviewing the design of the Riche Terre Mall, the concept was to skillfully combine contemporary and elegant architectural design with functional convenience, vitality, accessibility and an appealing tenant mix. The new shopping mall promises to exceed the expectations of shoppers and tenants by offering an enjoyable lifestyle experience beyond mere shopping. The fresh and modern architecture of the Riche Terre Mall contributes to create the welcoming atmosphere of an Oasis amidst a fairly barren landscape.

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Merlin Now in Singapore

Apr 8, 2012 2:17:33 AM

After…UAE, GCC, Middle East, Australia, South Africa, Ukraine, Russia…. Now Merlin Magic comes to SINGAPORE at Suntec Mall

The range of Merlin's cutting edge technology products are now on display and sale at Suntec Mall in Suntec City.
#02-010, Suntech City Mall, Singapore


About Suntec Mall in Suntec city

The Business Capital of Asia (Suntec City)
Designed to be a ‘city within a city’ with 7 million square feet of space, Suntec city, is the single largest integrated commercial development in Singapore with five office towers, a shopping mall, an international convention and exhibition centre and a fountain all connected to each other by street level plazas, walkways and courtyards. Suntec (‘Xin Da’ in Chinese) means “new achievement”, representing a breakthrough achievement- furthering the frontiers of innovation, technology and creativity- as a quantum leap towards the future.

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