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HD media player is a new word in the organization of your leisure time. Multimedia capabilities have never been as accessible as it is implemented in media players.

Earlier the video could only be viewed from the display screens, but now, thanks to media player, it was easy to carry your favorite movies on your home TV.

Merlin Digital HD media player is the leader in providing full-featured access to a wealth of multimedia information, regardless of its standards and formats.

Possibilities of modern HD media players are really striking: Merlin Digital Media players support a large number of audio standards, video standards, as well as external devices, media player display high resolution photos.

This is barely a complete list of features that modern HD media player provides. Most of models have a built-in Bittorent- client. It allows using media player for downloading files from the Internet without a computer. Undoubted advantage is also extremely user-friendly interface, which features all Merlin Digital media players.

HD media player helps to create a mini- cinema at home, where you can watch your favorite movies over and over again in high quality. In fact, HD Media Player is a multifunction device, since it can be connected not only to the monitors and TV, but also to computers.

We should also mention an intuitive and stylish interface of Merlin Digital HD media players, which are easy to fit into any decor. Small size of the device allow installing it almost anywhere, it does not require much space.