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  • Merlin 8'' Digital Photo Frame

    Merlin 8'' Digital Photo Frame

    Bring emotions to the screen with this cool photoframe.
  • Swim MP3 PRO

    Swim MP3 PRO

    Sound on land and water


    The fully waterproof Merlin MP3 Pro is designed to give you non-stop entertainment of music, even when you are swimming. It includes both the waterproof and regular ear buds, so that you can enjoy it both inside and outside of the pool. A battery life of 10 hours, inbuilt FM and 4 GB storage makes it an ideal pick.

  • Sound Booster with Digital Clock

    Sound Booster with Digital Clock



  • iTheatre VR 3D

    iTheatre VR 3D

    Movies will come alive.
    The Merlin iTheatre VR 3D will make any movie come to life with its 3D technology and astounding 98” TFT LCD display. Its connectivity will give you the option to choose from a wide variety of inputs including HDMI and VGA. Its Next Gen sound quality, in combination with the immersive 3D display, will take you to a whole new dimension of audio visual experience.
  • Thunder Beat

    Thunder Beat

    Small in size. Big in sound

    The Merlin Thunder Beat is a compact speaker that is sure to convert your room into a full-on party. Now with even more options to play your music like Bluetooth and NFC the Thunder Beat is every music aficionados dream, without the wires.

  • Air Music

    Air Music

    The new Air Music works as a bridge between your speaker system and your Apple or Android Smartphone or Tablet. It supports both Airplay and DLNA - which makes it universally compatible.

    Before $35.00


  • Bluetooth TV Connection Kit

    Bluetooth TV Connection Kit

    Connect your TV or Home Theater to any BLUETOOTH Headphone
  • Virtuoso 3D Hi-Fi Stereo Headphones

    Virtuoso 3D Hi-Fi Stereo Headphones

    Sound as it should be 

    The Virtuoso headphones from Merlin are a complete revamping from regular headphones. The Virtuoso headphones are NFC enabled, meaning that any device that has NFC needs to be tapped to the headphones and there will be an instant connection. The Virtuoso headphones can also be used to make phone calls.  

  • BT Waterproof Sound Box

    BT Waterproof Sound Box

    Beyond traditional speakers

    With the Bluetooth Waterproof Sound Box, your music will have no limits. New Merlin waterproof technology enables you to carry this powerful sound box anywhere you want, even to the beach or next to a swimming pool. The 3W speakers of the Bluetooth Waterproof Soundbox gives you amazing sound performance and clarity.

  • Sports Bluetooth Earphones

    Sports Bluetooth Earphones

    HI-FI Stereo Perfect Sound Quality Sport Water Resistant Bluetooth Earphone
    Durable Sports Extreme Earphones Matches you pace for pace
  • Audiova Conduction Headphones

    Audiova Conduction Headphones

    Sound redefined

    Unleash your inner athlete. The Audiova Conduction Headphones enable you to listen to music and attend phone calls while leaving your ears free to take in the sound from your environment. Ideal for a safer and comfortable exercise regime, the Audiova conduction headphones will allow you to focus your entire concentration on achieving more. Its the secure option, without any compromise on audio quality.

  • Thunder Wave

    Thunder Wave

    Now any surface can transmit thunder sound
    The Merlin Thunder Wave is a compact speaker that is sure to convert your room into a full-on party. Now with even more options to play your music like Bluetooth and NFC the Soundwave is every music aficionados dream, without the wires.
  • Airline Adaptor

    Airline Adaptor

    Enjoy music and movies with clear and lifelike sound
    The Merlin Airline Headphone Adaptor allows you to use your personal headphones on any airline requiring a dual plug.
  • Karaoke Station

    Karaoke Station

    The Merlin Karaoke Station is an amazing device that is loaded with fun. Featuring a speaker dock and two mics, simply place your mobile device in the dock and play songs from any karaoke app that can be found on the App store or Play store. Sing either individually or with a partner. It’s a great way to get a party started or as a way to enjoy an activity with your family and friends.
  • Bluetooth Wireless Sound Receiver PRO

    Bluetooth Wireless Sound Receiver PRO

    Convert your old Apple 30 pin Speaker Dock to work with the new iPhone5!
  • WIFI Storage

    WIFI Storage

    Portable wireless hard drive for your Smartphone, Tablet, and PC.
    Expand your Smartphone or tablet's storage exponentially with this portable hard drive.
  • iTheatre Cinema 3D

    iTheatre Cinema 3D

    The complete theatre experience

    The iTheater 3D is a wireless personal cinema that allows you to watch 3D movies and HD content through wearable glasses. The proximity of the glass to the eyes means that content is view-able on a massive 98" scale.

  • 9.7" Digital Photo Frame

    9.7" Digital Photo Frame

    A Digital frame for your digital memories With a contemporary, super-slim design, the Merlin 9.7inch Digital Photo Frame works with photos, videos and MP3 music. This digital photo frame boasts an 9.7-inch display with resolutions of up to 1024 x 768 pixels, allowing you to play back your favourite digital files comfortably
  • 15" Digital Photo Frame

    15" Digital Photo Frame

    The new stylish and elegant MERLIN 15” DIGITAL PHOTO FRAME combines a brilliant 15-inch LCD display and a long list of features including the built-in card reader that accepts MultiMediaCard (MMC), Secure Digital (SD), Memory Stick and xD-Picture Card. You can view photos right from the card or download them to the bundled 2GB SD CARD that can hold over 4000 images or more.
  • Wireless FM Transmitter

    Wireless FM Transmitter

    The new era of wireless music.


    The Merlin Wireless FM transmitter works as a powerful yet wireless interface between any media player, including phones and MP3s, and your car stereo or your home hi-fi, so that you can enjoy your best loved music, stored in media players, on your car stereo or home hi-fi.

  • Home Multimedia Center Turbo

    Home Multimedia Center Turbo

    The ultimate centralised home entertainment unit

    The HMC Turbo is next generation Realtek based media streamer with USB 3.0, 256 Mb DDR3 RAM, HDMI, an integral IR remote control and a integrated 3.5" SATA HDD (up to 2TB). Very much the same as our 2010 models it will allow vivid and crisp playback of dozens of FULL HD multimedia files.

  • Pocket Hard Disk Full HD

    Pocket Hard Disk Full HD

    FULL HD DIVX/MKV Player and Pocket USB Hard Disk

    The Merlin Pocket HDD MP4 edition works like any external USB Hard disk. It can be be used for data storage, PC Backup etc and connects to any LAPTOP or DESKTOP directly - no additional drivers or power is required.
  • Data Box External USB Hard Disk

    Data Box External USB Hard Disk

    The Merlin USB 3.0 Data Box External USB Hard Drive is a simple, cost effective storage device AVAILABLE in capacities up to 2 Terra Bytes, it is the affordable way to save your precious memories. Not only is this drive economical but it is very easy-to-use and preformatted for simple set up – just plug and play. Package Includes: Merlin DATA BOX External Hard Drive, USB Cable, Power Supply, Quick Installation Guide. It is easy to use and affordable so be sure to pick up the Merlin Data Box Hard Drive today!

    Before $175.00


  • 12" Digital Photo Frame

    12" Digital Photo Frame

    The Merlin Media Frame features a memory card slot to read photos from any digital camera memory card directly!


Items 1 to 24 of 31 total

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