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The Green-Magic-Homes System derives a wide variety of possibilities of design from a few basic geometric conditions, as it is based on a vaulted arch having uniform characteristics: straight vertical walls up to 3.93 ft (1.20 meters) high, crowned by a two-point arch that has a total height of 11.48 ft (3.50 meters) at its highest point and a total width of 19.22 ft (5.86 meters) maximum width.

Green-Magic-Homes Technology buildings are ideal for areas of high seismic risk since they are basically one-story constructions, intimately linked to the land, and laterally confined by the terrain itself and berms, which provide optimal lateral stability. They are designed to support the top layer of soil (7.87 inch = 20 centimeters) plus 200 kg/m2 live load, which allows for the installation of lightweight structures (such as wooden pergolas), all this supported by structural studies (as well as actual tests) that ensure structural stability. For the necessary documentation for obtaining building permits and approvals, we provide the reports of structural calculations and all other necessary support.

Green-Magic-Homes™ is a building system based on structural modules prefabricated in lightweight composite materials in sizes that allow for easy transportation to and manipulation at the site, and make up a solid, super strong, and waterproof shell. This shell is then covered with soil and vegetation in various forms. The system has different shapes components carefully designed to generate multiple possibilities of design, lighting and ventilation, and access to and connection between spaces. Its basic configuration will allow for multiple widths, with a modulation in increments of 4.26 feet (1.30 meters) to generate spaces of any length that is required in accordance with the needs of each project. The structure consists of a collaboration between the strong, watertight shell working in conjunction with a system of soil berms reinforced with geotextiles, and completed soil and vegetation roof. Both the berms and roof are finally wrapped in a geotextile mesh with an open weave through which grass or other vegetation can grow. This vegetation in the long run will complement and replace the effect of the geotextiles, stabilizing the earth with the action of the roots.

The biggest challenge to any building system is posed by the temperate and seasonal environment, (generally above 35 degrees North and 35 degrees South latitude) in which annual temperatures can fluctuate from below freezing in the winter to very hot in summer, and living spaces must be designed for comfort in a constantly changing environment. The Green-Magic-Homes System of earth sheltered construction, coupled with passive solar principles, will provide energy saving solutions in this (as in other) environments. All facts and figures given in this section will apply to other climates, as they include the extremes of hot and cold conditions and their relationship to the built environment.

The concept of passive annual heat storage system (PAHS), a method of collecting heat in the summertime, by cooling the home naturally, storing it in the earth’s soil naturally and then afterwards returning that heat to the contact structure (earth home) in the winter was originally introduced by Hait in his book published in 1983. It includes extensive use of natural heat flow methods, and the arrangement of building materials to direct this passive energy from the earth to the building, all without using machinery.

According to this concept, there is a cooling action when one climbs down into basement structures or caves. This cooling action experienced in these enclosed environments is a result of the heat being drawn away from the body to the surrounding air, which then transfers this thermal energy into the surrounding structures whose heat content is less than that of the adjacent air mass. The dynamics behind this concept is that heat always flows from a warmer system to a cooler system (as in the case mentioned above with the human body as the warm system and the surrounding air and walls as the cooler system).

By this action if you are warmer than the surrounding air, the heat of the body will escape to the surrounding air until temperature equilibrium is attained. Likewise, in the case the air inside the room is warmer than the surrounding walls, heat will be drawn out of the air into the walls, thus cooling the air and warming the walls. On the other hand, if the air temperature inside the room is cooler that the surrounding walls, heat will be drawn out of the walls into the air by this warming the air and cooling the walls. Passive annual heat storage (PAHS) uses this thermodynamic principle in conjunction with bare earth to aid control of the micro-climate within the building. In the case of the earth sheltered dwelling, it utilizes the surrounding earth to regulate its temperature throughout the year. Globally, the earth receives electromagnetic radiation from the sun, which is typically defined as short-wave radiation and emits it at longer wavelengths known typically as long-wave radiation.

This absorption and re-emission of radiation at the earth’s surface level, which forms a part of the heat, transfer in the earth’s planetary domain yields the idea for the principle of PAHS. When averaged globally and annually, about 49% of the solar radiation striking the earth and its atmosphere is absorbed at the surface (meaning that the atmosphere absorbs 20% of the incoming radiation and the remaining 31% is reflected back to space

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Area (77.61 m2) 693.19 sq ft = 77.61 m2


  • 1 BedRoom
  • 1 Bath
  • High:11.02ft= 3.36mt
  • American Style Kitchen
  • Dining Bar
  • Living Room
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