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Leonar3Do 3D Interaction Kit

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Leonar3Do 3D Interaction Kit

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Be a Shaper!

Leonar3Do is the first complete and complex desktop 3D interaction equipment available. The main and most useful attribute is that you can place an object in a virtual space in front of (or behind) the monitor space. To achieve precise and strikingly realistic visual presentation, the software uses head-tracking: the computer continually fits the displayed images to the current position of your eyes. You can manipulate the digital content as a real object with the ability to move, modify, color, dismantle or drop it.




  • Revolutionary IR position tracking, based on line sensors
  • Absolute position detection with full six degrees of freedom, calibrated to the monitor
  • The Bird allows carrying out actions with six degrees of freedom, i.e., moving and rotating in all three directions in space
  • The result: a virtual world created in the space between the user and the monitor, a world you can manipulate using the Bird.

Interactive 3D Design Software

LeoWorld is a unique 3D modeling and animation software that utilizes the Leonar3Do hardware kit. – Highly intuitive, easy and quick to learn – View and shape any form and color in 3D – Change the lighting in real time – Give physical attributes to virtual objects – Create 3D animations, and export them into a video format – Real-time polygon optimization

What is Leonar3Do?

Leonar3Do’s unique technology transforms the 2D flat dimension of desktop computers and laptops into a real 3D work environment. It promises real life-like interaction with your computer and with any 3D object. Leonar3Do provides the easiest way to create, demonstrate, and visualize virtual 3D creations in real space. Explore a truly immersive VR experience!

Create Your Own Solution by SDK or UNITY

The Software Development Kit enables programmers to create or adjust any software application to the Leonar3Do platform using the LeoAPl. Direct communication with the hardware is provided by the Leonar3Do System Software.

Be a Shaper – Design & Print in 3D with Leopoly

Leopoly is the easiest, most fun and intuitive tool to prepare files for 3D printing. Users can start designing almost immediately and make 3D printable files in minutes. In Leopoly, using virtual sculpting, all users can share their creative designs and further shape ones pieces of art. will bring the joy of digital modeling to a wider audience worldwide. In the long run our vision is to give anyone the opportunity and skills to create or customize their very own objects.

  • Can also be used in a full 3D immersive mode with the Leonar3Do 3D Interaction Kit
  • Get inspired and surf among 15,000+ user-generated models
  • Pick any of the models and get them tailor-made as you like (personalize, paint or shape your favorites)
  • Save, share and 3D print any of them
  • Launch your own community site and invite your friends

3D Interaction in the Classroom

Traditional education tools (such as blackboard and books) do not pick students’ interest anymore. In contrast, more and more content, solution and method is becoming digital and immersive, which results in a highly increased stimulus threshold. This can clearly lead to attention deficit.

On the other hand, 3D visualized curriculum makes students think even more. The engagement can be increased with the possibility of interaction. What’s more is that digitization lets us visualize anything in a virtual space. Imagine how easy it would be to understand the science behind chemistry and the molecules, geometric shapes, astronomy, anatomy, etc. by visualizing these objects and concepts in an interactive 3D virtual environment. Leonar3Do technology enables you to do all of those, which can result in a “never-before-experienced” quick and effective knowledge transfer.

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