Laser Keyboard

Laser Keyboard

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Pocket Laser Keyboard compatible with all Bluetooth Devices
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The Merlin Laser Keyboard acts exactly like any full-size keyboard. Just pair it to your electronic device (Smartphone, Tablet, etc.) using the Bluetooth technology and a full-size QWERTY keyboard will be projected onto any flat surface using a laser & infrared technology. Thanks to its compact design, the Merlin Laser Keyboard will be your best companion during any outdoor meeting or business trips.

The New Merlin Laser Keyboard projects a full sized virtual keyboard on any flat surface like a hotel table top or on a meeting room desk.

It's the ideal companion for your Tablet or Smartphone and is invaluable when travelling and at meetings
Compatible with all Bluetooth Devices: (Bluetooth 2.0 Compatible Devices and Above)

In Depth Keyboard light source Red laser diode
Keyboard language English
Keyboard layout 20.8mm sized QWERTY layout
Projection size Approx. 241mm*101mm
Battery capacity: 700mAH(Max)@3.7V
Charger Rating 800mA @ 5V
Interface USB 1.1 and 2.0 for PC
Bluetooth(v2.0 class 2, class 3)
Power consumption max. 2.4W@4.2V
Software compatibility Bluetooth Compliant Mobile Device, Windows XP/
WINDOWS7 or Higher, LINUX, iPad, iPhone,
Android 2.2 or Higher
Dimensions 36 x 18 x 74 mm
Weight Approx. 40g