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Fitness Tech

Fitness Tech

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  1. Eye Massager Premium

    Eye Massager Premium


    Bring comfort and tranquility to your eyes !

    Adopting intelligent air pressure, multi-frequency vibration, point massage, and far-infrared hot compression massage technology, Merlin’s Eye Massager Premium is the ultimate solution for resting and refreshing those tired eye muscles. Controlled by a micro-computer chip, Eye Massager Premium rubs, presses, hot compresses, and massages the ocular region to relieve tired eyes. The built-in music player with pre-recorded nature sounds will help you relax and get better sleep. With 7 preset massage modes, Eye Massager Premium is designed to relax the muscles around your eyes and improve blood circulation. With regular use, it may also help reduce puffiness and dark circles.

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  2. Q-Link Clear

    Q-Link Clear

    EMF radiation surrounds us in our daily life. Cell phones are one of the worst offenders, considering that they are always on our person and spend a lot of time positioned against our heads.
    Q-Link, the source of the revolutionary SRT technology that shields the human body from harmful EMF radiation, now offers the Q-Link Clear, a convenient, unobtrusive little sticker that contains a circuit similar to that in the SRT Pendant. It attaches to your phone and cuts down drastically the harmful effects of EMF emitted by it. Learn More
  3. Bio-Field Enhancer

    Bio-Field Enhancer

    Power of Tourmaline. Natural Negative Ion Generator
    Wear the Merlin Bio Energy Pendant on a chain or in your pocket - either way it starts working immediately. These pendants are non magnetic, not electrical and require no maintenance. Learn More
  4. Equine SRT-3 Q-Link Pendant (Cuff)

    Equine SRT-3 Q-Link Pendant (Cuff)

    The Q-Link Equine Pendant is your horses new best "companion" to reach its most ideal states of well-being and performance. Utilized by some of the world's foremost trainers to maximize potential and reduce stress, the Q-Link Equine Pendant is ideal for all equines, in every stage of life and career. Learn More
  5. Easy Chair

    Easy Chair

    Get in shape, comfortably.
    Bring home the Merlin easy chair, and get an exalting massage anytime without spending more than you need to. It will also help your body get in shape without any hard work by taking care of your pelvis misalignments. The Easy Chair’s graceful design will make it a perfect pick for your drawing room or bed room. Learn More
  6. Back & Neck Cushion

    Back & Neck Cushion

    An Ideal Device to use at home and while travel, has built in vibration and heating function Learn More
  7. Lounge Chair

    Lounge Chair

    An ultimate massage chair to get your shape on track, with its accurate pelvis correction using air bags on the arms and seat can massage pelvis and corrects misalignment in the pelvis Learn More
  8. Sonic Massage Chair

    Sonic Massage Chair

    Fitness and comfort redefined
    Enjoy the most enrapturing massage with the Merlin Sonic Massage Chair. Sit back and relax, while it massages you with pressure dedicated bags and six level of massage strength and speed. The multi-layer airbags and electric roller will keep your body revivified while its inbuilt music system will keep your mind rejuvenated. Learn More
  9. IntelliSense Mindfulness  Kit

    IntelliSense Mindfulness Kit


    Enlighten your senses! Find the balance between your heart and mind!

    IntelliSense Mindfulness Kit is a virtual reality-based rhythmic breathing trainer that also measures your Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). Applying the right HRV calculations at the right times gives you insight into your ANS. It's like accessing your body's command center. IntelliSense correctly measures your ANS and teaches you to gain control over your heart rate variability, thereby helping you to maximize performance, boost recovery, and optimize your stress levels.

    Review by Amanda Tomlinson of The National

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  10. Foot Massager

    Foot Massager


    Give your tired and aching feet a treat

    Foot reflexology is the stimulating of specific areas of the feet that correspond to parts of the body with special hand, thumb and finger techniques. Reflexology is more than massage and is believed to have a positive effect on a person's health and well-being. Ther Merlin Foot Massager is engineered with the principles of foot reflexology, which will stimulates specific areas of the feet, thus releasing your stress and tension by giving you a relaxing and refreshing massage.

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