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Electronic Acupressure Stimulation and Massage

The Merlin e-ACU PRO provides a simple and easy solution for applying acupressure and acupuncture stimulation, without needing to apply excessive pressure or the use of needles. Ideal for enjoying the benefits of natural acupressure treatment at home or work.

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The Merlin e-ACU PRO uses a special algorithm to detect major acupressure and acupuncture points on the Hand, Foot and elsewhere on the body. You can now apply basic reflexology on yourself and others with the ease of finding all major points and automatically applying stimulation.

The Merlin e-ACU Pro applies the latest in modern scientific knowledge combined with the wealth of holistic healing knowledge from TCM and other eastern therapies.

It detects major reflex points and meridians through special measurements of skin and body tissue, and then signals when a point is detected by giving out a sound.

• 3 Programs for selection
• Adjustable intensity control
• Adjustable timer

A detailed instruction book showing all major acupressure points of the body is included.
2xCR2025 batteries
Instruction Manual
Dimensions 165 x 35 x 20 mm
Weight 90 g