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Holistic modern healing

The Merlin e-ACU PRO provides a simple and easy solution for applying acupressure and acupuncture stimulation, without needing to apply excessive pressure or the use of needles. Ideal for enjoying the benefits of natural acupressure treatment at home or work.

The Merlin e-Acu Pro, with the combination of advanced echnology and holistic healing from TCM and other eastern therapies, is the most convenient and assuasive solution for applying acupressure and acupuncture stimulation. 




  • 3 Programs for selection
  • Adjustable intensity control
  • Adjustable timer


The Merlin e-Acu PRO is one of the simplest way of enjoying the benefits of natural acupressure or acupuncture at home or work, without even needing the excessive pressure or the use of needles. It does it by applying an algorithm to detect major acupuncture and acupressure points on different parts of the body. The detection of these major points makes it all the more effective to apply basic reflexology on yourself or others. The included earphones makes this soothing process all the more ecstatic.

Multiple options

The flexible e-Acu gives you 3 programs to select from, so that you can get a more customizable treatment. Not only this, it also gives you the option of intensity control and adjustable timer to further increase your customization level. 

The Merlin e-ACU PRO detects major acupressure and acupuncture points on the Hand, Foot and elsewhere on the body. You can now apply basic reflexology on yourself and others with the ease of finding all major points and automatically applying stimulation.

Science combined with traditional medicine

The Merlin e-ACU Pro applies the latest in modern scientific knowledge combined with the wealth of holistic healing knowledge from TCM and other eastern therapies.

It detects major reflex points and meridians through special measurements of skin and body tissue, and then signals when a point is detected by giving out a sound. 

The e-ACU Pro can be used with the Hand Massage Acupressure app. Through both, health can be improved and minor ailments can be relieved.

There are a number of illnesses that can be positively affected by the combination of the e-ACU Pro and Hand Massage Acupressure app including:

  • Headaches
  • Heartburn
  • Body pain
  • Indigestion
  • Tiredness
  • Nausea and many more


The Hand Massage Acupressure app can be downloaded from the Play Store, as well as the App Store. 

Additional Information

2xCR2025 batteries
Instruction Manual
Dimensions 165 x 35 x 20 mm
Weight 90 g


The device is not turning ON?
- Please check if the batteries are properly placed
- Please check also if the batteries are not new by changing those

The device is not working but there's an LED indication?
- Make sure to point the device in one of the acu-points
- Or adjust the intensity of the device due to level of brain tolerance

Can I use this with my kid/baby?
- Please consult a pediatrician first to avoid misusage of the device

Can I just point it in any part of my body?
- No, there are certain points where the device is advised to be used. For more information you may check the internet for acu points or check the included manual


Accupuncture ranks among the world's most ancient therapeutic methods and is a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TMC)- along with chinese medications, Chinese nutritional science (nutrtion according to the Five Elements). Qi Gong(Chi Gong-therapeutic exercise) and Tuina (Massage).

The empirical knowledge of the Asians about the functions and teatment of the human body dates back over 5000 years and retains its validity today. Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) focuses on the energy balance the human body. Simply put, in the healthy body "Qi" ( or Chi, vital energy) pulsates harmonically through to a network of pathways (meridians). Disharmony leads to blockages in the energy balance of the individuals and, if untreated, results in pain or illness. A disturbance in the energy flow or balance can be treated externally by means of accupuncture, among other methods.

Located along these enrgy pathways in every person are 361 precisely defined classical acupuncture points, each of which is related to a specific organ. These acupuncture points are located just beneath the surface of the skin and provide a means of access to the energy system deep within the body.

Virtually every syndrome can be treated by stimulating one or usually several corresponding acupuncture points, Traditionally with needles. But these needles have the drawback the sensitive individuals may find them painful.

The E-ACU-Plus is a dual-purpose device for personal home use tht provides an acupuncture point locator function with an acoutic signal as well as electrical current stimulation of acupuncture points.

The e-ACU-Plus measures electrical resistance of the skin to accurately locate acupuncture points of the human body. Use the provided diagrams to determine the approximate location of an acupuncture point: then scan this spot with the e-ACU-Plus, which which emits an acoustic signal to indicate the exact location. This technique enables even lay people to locate the relevant points.

In its second function, the e-ACU-Plus emits a low-intensity electric current to stimulate the acupuncture points, which makes this method especially simple, clean, paintless and gentle, and particularly suitable for sensitive individuals.

The duration as well as the intensity of stimulation of a given acupuncture point is individually adjustable. The stimulation time is either individually selected or preset to 30 / 60 seconds. 6 intensity level allow the user to select the desired setting. Depending on the thickness of the skin, the user may feel mild tingling sensation-the blocked energies of the body are restored to a balanced state.

Inserting Batteries:

1.) Open the battery compartment
2.) Insert the two 3~volt CR2025 batteries into the battery compartment inside it.
make sure the polarity is correct, Fit both batteries with + side facing away from the side controls.
3.) Close the battery compartment gently back to original position until a click sound is heard.


• Slide the power switch (H) from "0" to "I" to turn on the unit and go to the standby condition.
• The signal tone will sound.(The sound is set to a low volume to avoid disturbing others): Connect the earphone to the earphone socket (E) to improvr clarity;
• Set the program, timer intensitylevel before treatment.

Three programs can be set by switch (G). Slide the program switch to select different waves as per below programs:
• Program I (ripple wave): helps to improve the blood circulation.
• Program II (intermittent wave): helps the stimulation of muscles and nerves
• Program III(continuous wave): helps analgesia

Use the timer setting switch(F) to select the duration of the acupuncture stimulation as per as below times.
• 30s : for 30 seconds treatment
• 60s : for 60 seconds treatment
• Infinite :For infinite treatment

There are 6 levels of stimulation intensity thet is indicated on the LED bar (C) from left ( minimum level) to right (maximum level).
• Press "+" key to increase the intensity level up to level 6.
• Press "-" key to decrease the intensity level down to level 1.
NOTE: Always begin with thw lower setting. The intensity level of the acupuncture stimulation can be adjusted at any time during operation.

• Hold the e-ACU-Plus like a pen and grip the metallic area (K) to make good contact.
• Slide the copper tip (I) over the skin with gentle pressure. The skin must be clean (not oily), dry and free from injury.
• The signal tone will increase the close to acupuncture point. (please refer to the acupuncture map of human body for the approximate location of each acupuncture point).


• Press the start button (B) to start the treatment. A 'pins and needles' sensation results depending on the intensity level.
NOTE: If you are using the infinity timer setting, the start button (B) has to kept pressed during the stimulation process.
• The Green LED indicator (A) will flash when stimulation is applied.
• When the acupuncture stimulation is completed.The Green LED indicator (A) will go out and the signal tone sounds again. You can repeat the above operation steps to another treatment;
• When the battery level is low, the low voltage indicator (D) will be on.
• When the treatment is finished. Slide the power switch (H) from "I" to "0" to turn off the unit.


• The application of the e-ACU-Plus is NOT a medical treatment and is not covered as such by the warranty.
• The e-ACU-Plus is NOT a medical device.
• It is not capable of diagnosis, therapy or prevention!
• If you are pregnant, equipped with a cardiac pacemaker or have had radiation therapy. We recommend using the device only after consulting your physician or therapist.
• Please consult with your primary care physician if you experience any physical or psychological compliants or doubts!
•The duration stimulation of the acupuncture points depends on the condition to be treated. It is generally recommended to begin by stimulation each acupuncture point at least two or three times daily for about 30 seconds. Initial benefits should be achieved after five to ten applications. For chronic condition the application should be repeated two to three times per week for longer period time. When the condition has improved.
•The application should be gradually reduced in frequency and eventually discontinued.
• There will be different levels of "pin & needles" sensation which depends on the selected intensity.
• You may use the device on yourself or on other person. But if you wish to apply it to another person ( for example a child) you need to touch the person throughout the application (for instance place your hand on his/her shoulder). This is necessary to transmit the low-intensity electric current to your own body and the other body.
• The appilcation of acupuncture is more effective if you leave the stress and hassle of everyday life outside. You should not be disturbed by a telephone or TV in the room where you use the device, and be sure to adjust the room temperature to a comfortable level.
• The following list of medical conditions represent only small sample and is based on WHO a recommendation of acupuncture applications. If you need more information, please visit an acupuncture practitioner. For additional literature consult appropiate bookseller ( such as .com )


1.) This item uses 2x CR2025 lithium cell batteries. Use only designated battery type. Do not mix battery type. Do not use rechargable batteries.
2.) Read instruction carefully and install batteries correctly observing the polarity sign to avoid leakage.
3.) Do not attemp to recharge non-rechargable batteries.
4.) Do not use mercury oxide batteries.
5.) Always replace sets of batteries at the same time. Do not mix new and old batteries.
6.) Do not short out battery contacts.
7.) Removed exhausted battery to avoid leakage.
8.) Remove batteries from product when not intended to use product for an extended period of time.
9.) Do not dispose of batteries in fire.
10.) Do not immerse electric operated product. Wipe clean only.

• Turn the device of while cleaning
• Clean the surface occasionally with the moist cloth.

Do not immerse this device in water and do not use your e-ACU-Plus in damp room.
Keep out of the reach of children.

ACUPUNCTURE MAPS of the human body:
There are 12 Primary Meridians ( Pathways) and 2 Extra Meridians:
(The English abbreviation of the Meridians is shown in parenthesis)

(1) Lung Meridian (Lu)
(2) Large intestine Meridian (Ll)
(3) Stomach Meridian (St)
(4) Spleen Pancreas meridian (Sp)
(5) Heart Meridian (He)
(6) Small Intetine Meridian (Sl)
(7) Bladder Meridian (Bl)
(8) Kidney Meridian (Ki)
(9) Pericardium Meridian (Pe)
(10) Three Heater Meridian (3H)
(11) Gallbladder Meridian (Gb)
(12) Liver Meridian (Li)
(13) Governing vessel (GV)
(14) Conception vessel (CV)

(Expert, from a recommendation of the World Health Organization [WHO], Geneva)

• Influenza-like infections
• General upper respiratory infections
• Headaches
• Muscles and joint pains
• Tennis elbow
• Migarine
• Female disorders
• Diarrhea
• Constipation
• Insomia
• Toothaches, etc.



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