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Dynamo Power Bank

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Dynamo Power Bank

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Charging simplified

The Dynamo Solar Power Bank is a unique charging mechanism that allows you to use a hand crank to power up the charger in case no electricity outlet is available. Can be connected and powered through a conventional power socket, or even through the device's solar panel. A necessary companion for travel and rugged outdoor use. Three charging methods in one device!




1) Charge through three separate methods
2) Sturdy and portable
3) Lightweight



The Dynamo Solar Power Bank is different from regular charging mechanisms. Ideal for long trips where one would be away from a power source, there are multiple methods that can be applied to charge your device through the solar power bank.

Recharge with solar power

This device can be powered through renewable solar power, a handcrank or regular electrical outlet. The Dynamo Power Bank can be used with any device that supports Usb charging. A very important feature is how the Dynamo Solar Bank can be used without conventional power sources, such as renewable solar energy. This device is your lifeline if ever you find yourself caught far from help. Through solar power the device can be held in direct sunlight and the charge will trickle to 100 mAh

Recharge with stored electrical output

Simply plug in your device to the power bank and charge through the stored electrical output if a power socket is unavailable. The power bank stores electrical output that can be reused later

Recharge with hand crank

If the power bank runs out of charge it may be recharged using the hand crank. 120 RPM can restore up to 700 mA per hour. That means cranking the device for 15 minutes can give 5% battery back to your device.

The Dynamo Power Bank is very useful during traveling, however that does not mean to say that it can only singularly be used for that purpose. Due to its mulch-faceted usage the Dynamo Power Bank is great for home and office use as well.

Additional Information

In Depth Compact, Lightweight & Portable Design
Capacity: 2200mAh Li-Polymer Cell
Input: 5V ≤ 1000mA [via micro-USB]
Dynamo: ≤ 700mA/h (RPM Av = 500mA/h)
Solar: ≤ 100mAh
Output: 5V ≤ 1000mA
Dimensions 11.2 x 4.5 x 3
Weight 150 g

Dynamo Power Bank FAQ

The Power Bank shows full charge but does not charge my device
- Could be that the output of the Power Bank does not meet the charging requirements of your device.
- The cable you are using is faulty, so try to use another one to check.
- The Power Bank’s USB port is not working; in this case we’ll ask you to send it to our Service Center.

My Device’s adaptor has more Ampere than the Power Bank, can I still use it?
- Yes, but it will take more time than your Device’s original firmware.

Where should I put the device when charging via Solar Panel?
- It should not be put in Outdoor literally, direct or in-direct sunlight, anywhere as long as there is sunlight. You can check that by looking at the left most LED green light. That determines if the battery of the Power Bank is getting charged.


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