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Green Magic Homes Offer divine designs, which can be adjusted to meet your needs. Our expert Architects have one objective, to make your dreams come true, through our revolutionary technology


The widespread use of earth sheltered and underground construction could have an enormous effect on the global environment. The effects of deforestation and the impact of urban growth on the world’s atmosphere are only now beginning to be understood. In most cities, urban air temperatures are generally higher than their corresponding rural values.

This phenomenon, the urban heat island, has been recognized since the turn of this century and has been well documented. Population growth in the 21st century will cause cities to grow and merge with each other, reducing even further the mitigating effects of suburban and rural vegetated areas.

One key to the reduction of the negative effects of human communities on global warming, air and water pollution, and the quality of life in general, lies in technologies designed to return the natural environment to the surface level, and human habitation to an intermediate one. These technologies include green roofs and walls, rooftop and vertical urban farming systems, and earth sheltered construction with the Green-Magic-Homes System.

The interest in the use of earth to save energy dates back to over 5000 years ago when in some cultures whole towns were built under the ground. The examples are: the town of Matmata in Tunisia, the Goreme Valley in Turkey and the Henan Province in Shanxi (China).

All the ancient underground structures are located in hot countries, such as Turkey, Tunisia or northern China, which means that earth was originally used rather for cooling than heating. This is highly significant if one considers the fact that over one third of the continents (about 4.7 million km2) is situated in hot-dry climate (i.e. between 15° and 35° respectively north and south of the equator) and only 12% of the continents are situated in the temperate climates (about 1.55 million km2).

Taking into account other climatic conditions, one can say that half of the continents are situated in hot climates. Thus the use of earth as the building’s cooling component is of major significance, particularly considering that 15% of the world population inhabits desert and semi-arid areas.

The Green-Magic-Homes System is truly ideal in these conditions. The low humidity, high temperatures in summer with little cloudiness, and moderate temperatures in winter make the Green-Magic-Homes System worthy of serious consideration on a large scale. As was stated in the previous section, heat losses from earth sheltered buildings are about 20 to 35% greater than from above-ground buildings, while heat gains are nearly 80% lower.

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Area (41.24 m2) 289 sq ft = 26.85 m2


  • Front:17.06ft=5.20mt
  • Depth:17.06ft =5.20mt
  • High:11.02ft= 3.36mt

Covered Area

289 SQ FT= 26.85M2


  • Front:6.66ft=2.03mt
  • Depth:6.62ft=2.02 mt
  • High :7.21ft=2.20mt
Dimensions No
Weight No

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