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  • 9.7inch - 3G Tablet

    9.7inch - 3G Tablet

    3G and full HD. Everything inside.

    The 9.7”Tablet PC with Android has dual Sim capabilities to keep you connected, and full HD to keep you hooked. With 8Gb of internal memory there is enough storage for all your media needs. Under the hood, a Boxchip A10 CPU provides exceptional power and reliability.
  • Power Bank with Laser Pointer

    Power Bank with Laser Pointer

    Charge any Phone or Electronic Device with just one Universal Charger
  • SoundBooster PRO

    SoundBooster PRO

    Works with most MP3 Players and Smartphones. Just place over Sound Booster PRO - No Connectors needed.
  • Heart Rate Monitor

    Heart Rate Monitor

    Gain Control Over Your Workout
    The Merlin Rate Monitor straps around your abdomen and relays its heart rate readings to a compatible Apple device connected wirelessly via Bluetooth up to a distance of 15m.
  • iPhone5 Lightning Cable

    iPhone5 Lightning Cable

    Electro-Luminent Charge and Sync cable with Lightning Connector
  • Android to TV Connection Kit

    Android to TV Connection Kit

    The perfect all in one solution to connect your Smartphone to a TV or Projector
    The Merlin Android to TV Connection Kit delivers full HD 1080P Video with Audio from your Smartphone to any HDMI compatible device like a Flat Screen TV or Projector. Unleash the potential of your Smartphone.
  • iPhone5 Lightning Dock

    iPhone5 Lightning Dock

    Stand and Charger for the iPhone 5
    Charge and Sync your iPhone5 using a standard Micro USB, Apple 30 pin cable or the new Lightning Cable. The Merlin Stand and Charge Dock support them all and can be used for both charging and sync.
  • INVISIBLE Anti-Scratch

    INVISIBLE Anti-Scratch

    Nano - Coating Tech - SCREEN PROTECTOR
    A remarkable Nano coating technology, shines and protects your electronics screen like nothing else!
  • Foot Massager

    Foot Massager

    Give your tired and aching feet a treat 


    Foot reflexology is the stimulating of specific areas of the feet that correspond to parts of the body with special hand, thumb and finger techniques. Reflexology is more than massage and is believed to have a positive effect on a person's health and well-being. Ther Merlin Foot Massager is engineered with the principles of foot reflexology, which will stimulates specific areas of the feet, thus releasing your stress and tension by giving you a relaxing and refreshing massage. 

  • Zero Gravity Massage Chair

    Zero Gravity Massage Chair

    Fitness, comfort and entertainment.
    Bring home your own spa with the hi-tech Merlin Zero Gravity Massage Chair and enjoy the utmost massage experience. With its 38 airbags and patented human 3D massage motors, it’ll give you a massage that you would want to never end. This luxurious combination of fashion science and technology comes with the inbuilt music system and 50” virtual cinema screen to give you the perfect combination of fitness, comfort and entertainment.
  • Office Massage Chair

    Office Massage Chair

    Heals while you work.
    The Merlin office chair premium will make sure that your work space transforms in a completely different environment of stress-free relaxation. Its ergonomic design will take care of your comfort for hours, while its inbuilt back, waist and neck massagers will keep your sitting related aches and pains away.
  • Titanium Bracelet

    Titanium Bracelet

    Titanium Bracelet - Black Ceramic
    New! Unisex Titanium Q-Link Bracelet with Gloss Black Ceramic Finish.
    Crafted of solid, ultra light Titanium. This unique new bracelet is refined and superbly comfortable.
  • WIFI Storage

    WIFI Storage

    Portable wireless hard drive for your Smartphone, Tablet, and PC.
    Expand your Smartphone or tablet's storage exponentially with this portable hard drive.
  • iPhone5 Car Kit with Charger

    iPhone5 Car Kit with Charger

    Universal Car Holder for iPhone5 with the new Lightning connector.


    Stream Media Stored on External Memory to your device
  • Smart DSLR

    Smart DSLR

    Timer remote for DSLR cameras controllable from Bluetooth v4.0 capable Samsung and Apple smart phone.
  • iPhone5 Adapter with Audio Output

    iPhone5 Adapter with Audio Output

    Bring back your old iPhone accessories to life.
    The Merlin iPhone5 Adapter with Audio Output works as an interface between your new iPhone5 and the dead accessories which were meant for your older iPhones. The accessories that were made obsolete with the new lightning port on iPhone5 would be brought back to life with the Merlin iPhone5 Adapter with Audio Output.
  • Pocket Projector 3D

    Pocket Projector 3D

    3D like you have never seen

    Sit back and witness amazing 3D reality. Recreate a cinema experience through a built-in movie player in the comfort of your living room or enjoy the latest 3D games. The new Merlin Pocket Projector 3D can also be used as the ideal office companion to display your presentations in style.

  • iPhone5 Clip-on Lens Kit

    iPhone5 Clip-on Lens Kit

    Detachable Lens for iPhone5
  • Power Bank 5000mAh with Stand

    Power Bank 5000mAh with Stand

    Universal Charger and Battery Pack for Smartphones and Electronic Gadgets

Items 1 to 24 of 216 total

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