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  • Micro Projector

    Micro Projector

    The world’s smallest HDMI projector

    Good things come in small sizes. The ultra compact Micro Projector from Merlin is the front-runner in the world of micro-projection, and with the ability to project in full HD you know that it packs a punch.


    Block harmful EMF radiation emitted by your phone
    Captures and dissipates up to 90% of EMF in the form of heat.
  • Sound Booster with Digital Clock

    Sound Booster with Digital Clock



  • 3-in-1 Power Bank

    3-in-1 Power Bank

    With Built-in Cables for the new iPhone, Android and Blackberry
  • 7inch Tablet PC Lite

    7inch Tablet PC Lite

    The Merlin Tablet PC Lite is the perfect tablet for lightweight tasks – like surfing the web, playing games, checking recipes or work documents or for education and learning.
  • Swim MP3 PRO

    Swim MP3 PRO

    Sound on land and water


    The fully waterproof Merlin MP3 Pro is designed to give you non-stop entertainment of music, even when you are swimming. It includes both the waterproof and regular ear buds, so that you can enjoy it both inside and outside of the pool. A battery life of 10 hours, inbuilt FM and 4 GB storage makes it an ideal pick.

  • 7-inch 3G Tablet PC

    7-inch 3G Tablet PC

    3G: Access the internet and make phone calls over the mobile network, no matter where you are
  • LUMINESCENT Charge Cable - Micro USB

    LUMINESCENT Charge Cable - Micro USB

    Electro-Luminescent Charge and Sync cable with Micro USB Connector
  • 9.7inch - 3G Tablet

    9.7inch - 3G Tablet

    3G and full HD. Everything inside.

    The 9.7”Tablet PC with Android has dual Sim capabilities to keep you connected, and full HD to keep you hooked. With 8Gb of internal memory there is enough storage for all your media needs. Under the hood, a Boxchip A10 CPU provides exceptional power and reliability.
  • Smart DSLR

    Smart DSLR

    Timer remote for DSLR cameras controllable from Bluetooth v4.0 capable Samsung and Apple smart phone.

    Before $63.00


  • iPhone5 Adapter with Audio Output

    iPhone5 Adapter with Audio Output

    Bring back your old iPhone accessories to life.
    The Merlin iPhone5 Adapter with Audio Output works as an interface between your new iPhone5 and the dead accessories which were meant for your older iPhones. The accessories that were made obsolete with the new lightning port on iPhone5 would be brought back to life with the Merlin iPhone5 Adapter with Audio Output.
  • Pocket Projector 3D

    Pocket Projector 3D

    3D like you have never seen

    Sit back and witness amazing 3D reality. Recreate a cinema experience through a built-in movie player in the comfort of your living room or enjoy the latest 3D games. The new Merlin Pocket Projector 3D can also be used as the ideal office companion to display your presentations in style.

  • iPhone5 Clip-on Lens Kit

    iPhone5 Clip-on Lens Kit

    Detachable Lens for iPhone5
  • Easy Chair

    Easy Chair

    Get in shape, comfortably.
    Bring home the Merlin easy chair, and get an exalting massage anytime without spending more than you need to. It will also help your body get in shape without any hard work by taking care of your pelvis misalignments. The Easy Chair’s graceful design will make it a perfect pick for your drawing room or bed room.
  • Back & Neck Cushion

    Back & Neck Cushion

    An Ideal Device to use at home and while travel, has built in vibration and heating function
  • Thunder Beat

    Thunder Beat

    Small in size. Big in sound

    The Merlin Thunder Beat is a compact speaker that is sure to convert your room into a full-on party. Now with even more options to play your music like Bluetooth and NFC the Thunder Beat is every music aficionados dream, without the wires.

  • 8inch 3G Tablet PC

    8inch 3G Tablet PC

    The Android 4.2 “Jelly Bean” platform allows for snappy multi-tasking and helps recreate a resourceful PC-like experience on the Merlin Tablet PC, allowing you to view multiple panes in the same application, and browse the web with ease.
  • iTheatre VR 3D

    iTheatre VR 3D

    Movies will come alive.
    The Merlin iTheatre VR 3D will make any movie come to life with its 3D technology and astounding 98” TFT LCD display. Its connectivity will give you the option to choose from a wide variety of inputs including HDMI and VGA. Its Next Gen sound quality, in combination with the immersive 3D display, will take you to a whole new dimension of audio visual experience.
  • Smart Watch

    Smart Watch

    The Ideal Companion to your Smart Phone
    Use the Smart Watch to sync with any Android Smart Phone Get phone calls and SMS alerts on the Smart Watch and Sync your Entire Phonebook. Also works as a independent mobile phone when needed - simply insert a SIM Card
  • Smart Power Bank

    Smart Power Bank

    Universal Charger and Battery Pack for Smartphones and Electronic Gadgets
    Recharging will never be easier with the Smart Power Bank. Just plug it and stick it to the back of your device, you will be able to use it while charging it.
  • 10.1inch Tablet PC

    10.1inch Tablet PC

    The complete computing experience
    With HD playback and a Quad Core 1.3 Ghz CPU get four times the power and four times the performance from Merlin’s Android capable 10.1 inch Tablet PC. Open multiple panes in the same application seamlessly. Multi-tasking just got that much easier!
  • 3D Keyboard

    3D Keyboard

    The smartest Wireless Mini Keyboard and Mouse Combo ever made
    The new Merlin wireless handheld mini keyboard features 75 keys and a flying mouse and it works pretty much in the same way with the built-in accelerometer.
  • Pocket Projector WIFI

    Pocket Projector WIFI

    Projecting crystal clear and crisp images from any smartphone, tablet or laptop is a cinch with the Pocket Projector WIFI. Compact and portable, this projector can display videos and images at a resolution of 640 x 360, with a stunning brightness of 50 lumens.
  • Lounge Chair

    Lounge Chair

    An ultimate massage chair to get your shape on track, with its accurate pelvis correction using air bags on the arms and seat can massage pelvis and corrects misalignment in the pelvis

Items 1 to 24 of 226 total

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