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3D Keyboard

The smartest Wireless Mini Keyboard and Mouse Combo ever made

The new Merlin wireless handheld mini keyboard features 75 keys and a flying mouse and it works pretty much in the same way with the built-in accelerometer.

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Easy control of PC-based entertainment: Take command of your PC-based media with intuitive wave-and-click control-an easier and more natural way to enjoy your favorite media. Control playback and volume with hand motions. Adjust volume by waving to the right or left; skip tracks with a flip of the wrist.

Compatible with the Merlin Home Multimedia Center Turbo, Pocket Projector Win CE & USB TV for Android
It features intuitive Wii-like Mouse controlling. Waving over the screen will send the mouse pointer to move at the exact trail you draw.


In Depth:
Computer System Requirements: Windows, Linux and Mac
10 meters range

Dimensions: 145 x 100 x 14 mm

Weight: 110g

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